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Fourm Rules Here
GMoDz Date: Thursday, 2011-11-10, 6:02 AM | Message # 1
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Hello Members Of RM Now I know most of you won't read this but it is your fault when you get suspended. Please follow our rules

1.1- No rep boosting

1.2- No racist or inapropriate Comments or avatars

1.3 No tolerance for Scammin

1.4 Don't Spam


1.6 Only post about subs in youtube famous

1.7 Respect Authority of the Staff

1.8 Don't ask for FREE premium

1.9 Don't Cuss In your posts.

2.0 Don't ask to become staff unless we have a post offering staff

2.1 No Flaming/Hurtful comments What so ever! We are ment to be a helpful community.

2.2 No Asking for donation/Charging GFX unless Premium

2.3 Zero Tolerance For advertising

2.4 Don't Spam your post with all smilies

2.5 Don't Use any swearing,Sexual, or racial text in your profile.

2.6 No Swears,Sexual, or racial Usernames otherwise you will be forced a username change with a 48 hour ban

2.7 No hateful comments we are supose to be a helpful community. If you Love/flame alot you will be [b]IP banned forever.

2.8 Replying to a Warning through the PM will give you another warning or a possible ban.
So please DONT reply.

2.9 You are never to put someone down. We are supose to be a good community not like TTG

3.0 There is no reason to ever Say something along the lines: ''This isn't Facebook'' Because this is not all gaming and modding we are also a socializing site. If I ever see anything like that you will be issued a pretty big warning

3.1 If you are scammed the STAFF is not Responsible the only way he/she will be banned is if we can get some proof and time to infestigate

3.2 Don't ask for staff's gamertag (It's annoying) Only contact staff through Xbox live if they leave there gamertag in a post.

3.3 No Misleading Topics

3.4 No Short Posts like Cool story bro

3.5 No Chain Mail

3.6 No Inaproprite Motto's (1st Offense Moto Reset and PM with a warning. 2nd Offense 3 day ban)

3.7 No Love what so ever on any other forum websites (ex: HackForums T.T.G G.hett.o Modd.ing)

3.8 Don't advertise other forum sites in your sig and or motto. Don't ask for rep in either also.

3.9 Threating other members is prohibited it will be an automatic IP ban No questions asked!

This is updated frequently so be sure to continue looking at it
Forum » General & Off Topic Discussion » General Discussion » Fourm Rules Here
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